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VoyageLA Article, Sept. 25, 2017

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    Meet Cynthia Henrie, MFT

    Today we’d like to introduce you to Cynthia Henrie, MFT.   Thanks for sharing your story with us Cynthia. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.   I have always been interested in becoming a therapist, ever since I was a child. My mother was a psychiatrist and I Continue Reading...

LA Therapy Network Specialties

  • Womens-Issues-201x124

    Women’s Issues

    One of our primary areas of specialization is working with women’s issues and feminist therapy. This may include relationships, health issues and how they affect a woman and her loved ones, discrimination, sexual harassment, violent crimes against women, and social and cultural issues that impact a woman’s daily life. Feminist...

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    Depression & Anxiety

    Feelings of depression and anxiety are the two most common emotions we experience when major crises happen in our lives. Then, anger follows. Depression and anxiety are the most common reasons for seeking therapy and are highly treatable. If you have recently gone through a major life crisis and are...

  • WI-201x124

    Self Esteem & Personal Growth

    Self-esteem and self-confidence are critical elements to living happier more successful lives. Self-esteem is what helps shape our ambition, goals, decisions and choices – the very things that drive us. It is definitely a topic that many people have a difficulty with. LA Therapy Network helps address these issues and...

  • Grief-Loss-201x124

    Grief & Loss

    Grief can last longer than the initial time after an event, and it can hit months, even years later. We grieve the loss of more than the death of loved ones; we also grieve the ending of relationships, the loss of what we missed out on in childhood, being diagnosed...

  • Trauma-Specialty-201x124

    Trauma & Dissociation

    Life Happens & Leaves you feeling Battered, Broken & Bruised…   Many people are impacted by traumatic events in their lives. Studies show that people who have experienced one or more traumatic events in their lives will have more anxiety and depression than people who haven’t. Trauma can cause you...

  • LGBT-specialties-201x124


    We work with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, gender variant, queer identified communities, and people who are exploring their sexual and/or gender identity. Our team is made up of women with various identities and experiences in addition to having extensive experience in working within the LGBTQI community! Coming out issues,...

  • Couples-Familiess-201x124

    Couples & Families

    Every couple and family have their share of problems, but sometimes it helps to have a professional when impasses occur or alliances in families form that exclude or hurt other family members. We work with all types of couples and families, children and teens, and family or relationship issues. We...

  • Children-Teenss-201x99

    Children & Teens

    Children and teens struggle with more challenges today than ever before. If you are a teen, or are the parent/guardian of a teen you are well aware of the unique challenges to teen life. As children develop into teens, life almost overnight becomes so much more complicated!     What...

  • Life-Transitions1-201x124

    Life Transitions

    There are many challenges and transitions that happen in life. Sometimes these are caused by normal developmental stages in life, such as graduating from high school and preparing for adulthood or getting a new job, or entering middle adulthood and dealing with all the changes in mid-life. Other times there...

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