• Video Blog: You Matter!

    I watch so many of my clients act out an underlying value or belief that they really aren’t important. They don’t see how much they matter! I realize as a therapist how significant of an impact we all have on others. We sometimes believe we aren’t as important and won’t be missed. We all are Continue Reading

  • How to Choose a Good Therapist

    Below are some suggestions of how to evaluate a therapist. Keep in mind they are suggestions only, because ultimately the best evaluation of a therapist’s worth is YOU. If you believe you are getting good service and find your relationship with your therapist helpful overall, then it probably is. One of the first things I Continue Reading

  • Do I Need Therapy?

    Life revolves around an unlimited amount of experiences, relationships, and eventually memories that follow us throughout time. Understanding the things that occur in one’s life can be challenging sometimes too, especially if things create stress and despair such as traumatic events. These events start to interfere with life and moments like these seem unmanageable or Continue Reading

  • Let’s Chat! Online Therapy

    E-Therapy is available to people who are unable to attend therapy in the therapist’s office. You must have a webcam and be able to connect to the internet using a broadband, cable or satellite connection. Here’s how it works. You and your therapist agree upon a meeting time, you call her using Skype, Google Chat, Continue Reading

  • What is Therapy?

    If you’ve never been to therapy before, you may have a lot of questions about it. What you have seen on television or in the movies isn’t really what therapy looks like. It usually is a misrepresented idea of what therapy is, and has made many people a little uneasy about participating in therapy. There Continue Reading