Treatment PTSD and Complex Trauma

This is a discussion about how I approach the treatment of PTSD and trauma related disorders. As a trauma expert, I know what it takes to treat PTSD. Most people respond best to a combination approach.

All of us are affected by a traumatic event at one point or another in our lives. Some people seem to be more deeply impacted by negative events in their lives than others. We work with the effects of all types of trauma. We are specialists in trauma treatment and offer a multitude of treatment options that will ensure you receive the best comprehensive approach to resolve the after effects of surviving traumatic incidents.

Traumatized heartPsychological trauma impacts, alters and colors all aspects of your life. There are several excellent forms of treatment for psychological trauma that will help you. You’ll be able to form better relationships, live a more fulfilled life without fear, let go of addictions, panic attacks, nightmares, depression, anxiety and many of the physical symptoms in your body. Whether you have survived a single traumatic incident such as a car accident, been a victim of a violent crime, witnessed a crime, or have been a survivor of multiple traumas, such as child abuse, there are therapies that will help tremendously. The forms of treatment that I utilize are designed specifically for trauma survivors.

For some of you, you have been to therapy many times, for others this is your first exploration. We are different than the majority of therapists you will find. We use many techniques to treat trauma, because it requires the use of a variety of techniques. That is what will make therapy more successful for you. We are trauma experts. It makes a difference. Call us. We can help!

I discuss this approach and the reasons why it works. It really does help! I use a variety of different techniques to treat psychological trauma. I believe in curing the symptoms, not just managing them if we can!

– Cindie